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“Thanks Dr. Don for the wonderful work you do fixing your patients up and making them feel so much better. I always come away from my adjustments feeling like I am renewed and energized.” - MG

“I am 78 years old and have been coming to Dr. Gehman for over 15 years. I am pleased with the results I get.” - IW

“I came to Dr. Don six years ago with a bad back on a recommendation from my brother who is a power lifter. Dr. Gehman eased my pain and got me to a healthy place. I now see him monthly for maintenance. As a golfer and active person he has improved my life. Thanks Doc." - EFS

“What a wonderful benefit! Not only for your musculature structure but your overall health.” - DKB

“I came to Dr. Gehman for back pain and besides that improving my headaches went away and I feel so much more flexible overall.” - BAC

“I have had so much relief from seeing Dr. Gehman over the years. No matter what problems I have, he always seems to help and get me back in shape. I am so glad I found him.” - MT

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